• Juliana Nogueira

A Balanced Plant Based Plate

A perfect example of a balanced plant based meal which also supports the liver, the gallbladder and detoxification in general.

Rice and beans combined provide all of the essential amino acids we need. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.

I cooked the beans with garlic, onions and bay leaf. The rice is actually a mixture of white and brown rice with a bit of quinoa. It turned out a bit mushy because I had to cook it a bit longer due to the brown rice but I really enjoyed it anyway. Also sprinkled hemp hearts (extra protein) and kelp flakes (iodine).

I also have some grated beets with homemade extra virgin olive oil mayo. If you want to show your liver some love add beets to your diet! EVOO and avocados add healthy fats which will keep us satisfied longer.

Microgreens are simply nutrition and detoxification powerhouses!

Fresh lime juice to increase mineral absorption and add a tasty zest.

This meal also contains plenty of fiber which ensures movement and detoxification through the digestive system.

No need to measure or control portions. Slow down, chew thoroughly and eat until you feel satisfied.


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