• Juliana Nogueira

Can I eat Bread?

What you've been told: bread has no place in a healthy diet, specially in weight loss.


The truth: bread is delicious and can be a very good addition to a healthy diet.

We are all different and generalized rules can do more harm than good. Remember that restriction and denial of your cravings now will most likely lead to unsatisfaction and overeating later.


The Intuitive eating approach encourages us to stop relying on outside cues about what we should or shouldn't eat. It also asks that you listen to your body, trust its signals and find what feels good!


A note on bread and other wheat products: most conventional wheat is heavily sprayed with glyphosate nowadays. Glyphosate is a chemical herbicide which has been proven to disrupt digestion. If you've experienced digestive issues when consuming wheat , try switching to organic and notice if your body reacts differently to it.

This is not valid for celiacs of course, who should always stay away from wheat and other gluten containing foods.

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