Do you weigh yourself everyday?

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Since an early age, probably around adolescence. I was used to weighing myself daily. I would do it first thing in the morning, before consuming any food or liquids. Even a glass of water could potentially add extra weight, right?? Being completely naked was also important for the same reason. I would compare the number to the previous day and decide how good or bad I should feel about myself that day. Now imagine you had a good day, ate nutritious food, exercised, and were generally satisfied with yourself. You go on to have a great night of sleep and wake up the next day to do it all over again. But then you step on your faithful "judge"and notice that you are half a pound heavier compared to the previous morning. Ugh! What could have been another great day has just started a little sour. Your self worth is intertwined with that number and you end up carrying that"ugh"feeling on you skin all day.

If you're someone who has struggled with weight issues, you know that your mood will directly affect your food choices. A low mood for many people equals to extra calories consumed. Most times those calories will come from comfort foods with very low nutritional value which only feed the problem. That used to be me most of the time! I would go into periods of overeating followed by excessively restrictive periods, which inevitably would find it's climax in overindulgence again. Always trying to catch up with myself. Sounds familiar?

Weight fluctuates naturally:

  • Salt and carbohydrates are linked to water retention which can fluctuate a lot even through the day.

  • If you just started an exercise routine you might slightly gain weight due to stress placed on muscle fibers.

  • If you go through a menstrual cycle every month, your weight can definitely vary through the different phases.

  • Inflammation will cause weight fluctuations.

  • Even when the scale "gifts" you with a lower number, it is not necessarily a reason to celebrate, you might have lost lean tissue (muscle) instead of fat.

The bottom line is: weight fluctuation is not the best measurement of health. Body weight is far from being one of the top markers you should be concerned with in your health journey. Your levels of energy through the day, your digestion and your mental health are good examples of the things you should be paying close attention to. You are way more complex than a number!

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