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Let's Break Free!

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Mexico Bliss

This picture was taken in the summer of 2018 when I was in Mexico. I look so happy in it, we were having an amazing time in paradise and I wanted to post it at the time. But I didn’t. The reason why I didn’t is a bit embarrassing to admit but it is way too common out there. I didn’t like the way my arms look. Every time I looked at this picture all I could see was the cellulite on my arms.

My arms have always been a part of my body which I used to be very self conscious of. I dare to say I used to “hate” them. And it is no wonder I did, as little girls specially, we grow up hearing other women saying how much they hate their belly, their thighs, their skin, and so on. We go on repeating those phrases and blindly supporting each other in this self detrimental habit. Eventually it becomes such an ingrained habit, that our eyes inevitably go straight to those "flaws" every time we see our reflection.

Back to our picture, I really wanted to post it at the time, I remember playing around with different filters to try and make the cellulite disappear but eventually just gave up on it. I had started flirting with body positivity for about a year before then but these things take time. And this is my time.

The cost of body hatred can be very high. Eating disorders can flourish and our self esteem suffers greatly. So by finally posting this picture I invite you to look at your own “disliked” parts with fresh eyes. Try to leave behind the feelings you have felt towards them in the past. Look at them in the mirror through a lens of love and appreciation. Touch them with care. Remember that they ARE YOU as much as every other little piece and they have been with you from the beginning. They are nor flawed, they are just different from the images we see on the media out there. Nevertheless, they serve their purpose and are beautiful in their own way. Your thighs have always been there to take you places, your arms work perfectly and your belly is just storing a bit of extra fuel in case you ever need it.

Your body loves you and it deserves to be loved back. I invite you to break free!

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