• Juliana Nogueira

Make a Better Relaxing Tea

Herbs are beautiful allies when it comes to helping us wind down.

For extra relaxation, try increasing the amount of herbs in a cup. You can use two tea bags instead of one for example. Also make sure to cover your cup while infusing so that you don't loose any of the more volatile compounds.

I generally let my infusions sit for about 15 min. For a stronger cup you can infuse for longer. Be ware that long infusions can bring out the bitterness in some herbs.

Finally, mixing two or more herbs together in a cup can also increase the potency of your herbal tea. Herbs work in synergy and can support the actions of the other herbs in the blend. A blend of Lemon balm and Chamomile is one of my favourites. If drinking before be I might add some Passion flower for an even more relaxing cup of tea.

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