• Juliana Nogueira

Post Holidays Cravings?

They are real and I like to beat them by using a gentle approach that will not have you feeling miserable. We have been seeing lots of posts about restriction and detoxification after the holidays. This approach may work for some people but it can also trigger unhealthy food behaviour such as binging episodes for others. In my opinion, this is not where you want to be right at the beginning of the new year. So check the tips bellow to bring your body back to balance the gentle way.

1. The overconsumption of sugar and refined carbs can really through our blood sugar out of balance. Getting it back to stable levels can be hard after the indulgences of the season. Instead of restricting yourself completely, try having small sweet treats right after a meal for example, when it won’t spike your blood sugar too quickly. You will also tend to eat less if your stomach is already full.

2. Keep hydrated. Our body can get it’s own cues mixed up sometimes. If you do have a sugar/carb craving in between meals try having a full glass of water first. Also take a few deep breaths and wait a few minutes. If the craving is still there after that, go for it! Just giving your body a few minutes to rebalance blood sugar on its own will already positively impact blood sugar regulation and help with cravings in the long run.

3. Satisfy your craving by eating what you really want to eat. Most times when you eat a “healthier” alternative you will just be encouraging future cravings. Enjoy and savour each bite mindfully and be done with it.

4. Pair high sugar/carb treats with nutrient packed foods. A lot of times we have cravings because our bodies are in need of micronutrients which are not present in highly processed foods. By adding those you will notice your cravings diminishing overtime.

5. Add the good overall! Still relating to the previous point, adding high nutrient foods like fruits and vegetables is usually the easiest way to start kicking those cravings to the curb.

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