• Juliana Nogueira

Rose Water in Skin Care

Rose water or Rose hydrosol emerges from the steam distillation of Rose essential oil. It is mildly scented and very nourishing to the skin.

Rose water contains antioxidants, such as vitamin C, which protect the skin against free radical damage. It has also been found to inhibit the actions of elastase and collagenase delaying the degradation of elastin and collagen. What an elixir for aging skin!

I love how it acts as a mild astringent that is not overly drying. The scent is also mild but powerful at the same time. I find it calming and uplifting. Studies have actually shown that the scent of Rose water can assist with depression and anxiety. It has been used to induce sleep and is specially know for providing support during heartbrake and grief. Many people also notice an aphrodisiac effect when smelling Rose. This is how much healing just one plant can bring! It provides what it can when you need it. When applied to the skin Rose water also provides anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and wound healing properties. It can be helpful in acne, eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, small cuts, etc.

I spray Rose water on the clean skin of my face a couple of times per day and allow it to dry/absorb naturally. I then followed it with my home made serum. And yes I have noticed a difference in just a couple of days after I started adding this hydrosol to my skin care routine. My skin is more hydrated and just looked healthier overall. It is hard to describe the effects but I encourage you to try if you haven't. Besides, the daily ritual feels really special and supportive overall.

I buy my hydrosol from @anarreshealth . It is the best quality I have been able to find. It is produced by a Social enterprise in Bulgaria. Organic and artisanally distilled. It is also more affordable than most of the Rose water you find out there. Not sponsored.


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